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About Poltrona Frau Group

A story that goes back to 1912 with the foundation of Poltrona Frau, followed by the creation of Cassina in 1927, and Cappellini in 1946. The three giants met in 2005 and became Poltrona Frau Group; an iconic international group in the high-end luxury furniture and interior design arenas.

Poltrona Frau Group has underlined its ability to anticipate and interpret the evolution of contemporary luxurious living over the years. It became a point of reference in the high-end furniture market for the most important international designers and architects; thanks to the foresight of the entrepreneurs who led the group through the years, challenging the rules with boldness and continuous experimentation.

Each of these brands is a genre leader. Together they comprise the largest and most significant entity in the world of premium interior furniture. They provide furniture for the office, home, public spaces, cars, yachts and planes.

As the Middle East arm, Poltrona Frau Group ME brings to the UAE the best of Italian luxury design and furniture that matches the tremendous potential that lies in the dynamic and quality driven UAE lifestyle.



Poltrona Frau

The Poltrona Frau brand, with its strong connotations of style and elegance, is synonymous with great respect for tradition with a historic archive that initiated in 1912. It manufactures both classical and contemporary products created to meet the requirements of an exclusive clientele—those whom durability, elegance and identity are fundamental for. Poltrona Frau has always incorporated a high content of handcrafting skills into its products, along with attention to quality and detail and the use of the finest raw materials all aiming at the most luxurious furniture experience.


Cassina operates at an industrial level in the contemporary furnishing sector, with special skills relative to upholstered furniture and wood and leather working as well as with other precious materials. It produces chairs, tables, armchairs, sofas, furniture items and beds. It delivers the highest quality through an excellent combination of industrial technology and artisan manufacturing procedures.


Cappellini faced the new millennium inextricably linked to the world of images and exploration and dare. Nevertheless, its collections are convincing: balanced items, refined, distinct, and with a hint of experimentalism. Cappellini’s "style" lets the individual form her or his personal interpretation of the design—every designed is to use and share. Emotions are the most important for Cappellini.