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    Interiors in motion

    Founded in the mid-1980s, the Poltrona Frau Group’s Interiors in Motion division goes beyond the confines of residential living, specialising in the creation, production and supply of distinctive leather interiors in the premium automotive, air, rail transport and seafaring sectors.

    An ambitious challenge that the company rises to with every new project, expressing the Poltrona Frau spirit in different contexts each time, identifying the specific needs of its customers and the numerous constraints innate in the different typologies, spaces and use of these spaces. In an increasingly fluid and dynamic world, where the boundaries between inside and outside, home and travel are ever more blurred, there is a growing need for comfort and elegance also in non-domestic settings. Interiors in Motion is able to create original solutions, or rework the ideas of the customer, before overseeing the entire production process. Thanks to its continuous research into materials, forms and processes, Interiors in Motion has acquired unique experience and the ability to combine the classic artisan tradition and the attention to detail typical of Poltrona Frau with the most recent and innovative trends in the sector.